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clean step Safe Solution® Anti-Slip Treatment

What is Safe Solution®?

Safe Solution® is an exclusive, proprietary product providing unsurpassed anti-slip qualities. It is biodegradable and environmentally safe. It is a mild chemical solution treatment designed to increase traction by creating microscopic channels in most hard mineral surfaces such as: ceramic tile, quarry tile, porcelain tile, concrete, high gloss ceramic, polished porcelain, granite tiles, polished untreated cement, and steel enamel bathtubs.

How Does it Work?

Safe Solution® is a treatment, not a paint or coating, that is applied to non-porous hard mineral surfaces. Prior to the application of Safe Solution®, when water or grease puddle on these surfaces, you were actually hydroplaning on the film of water or contaminants. After Safe Solution® Anti-Slip Treatment System is applied, a microscopic channel is created for the water and oils to be dispersed from under foot, allowing you to make better contact with the surface at all times. Safe Solution® dramatically increases traction by increasing the coefficient of friction.” Watch the Video Demonstrations…
Case Study – 93% Slip Fall Reduction for Hotels

Before Safe Solution®

A leading national hotel chain recently concluded a 24-month study of bathtubs and common areas treated with Safe Solution at a mid-sized test hotel within the chain. Prior to the study and prior to treatment of the bathtubs the accident rate within the hotel was 1.35 reported slip-fall accidents per month within the guest bathrooms, tiled entryway and hotel pool area.

After Safe Solution®

After treatment with Safe Solution in those areas, the 24-month average slip-fall incident rate fell to less than .10 slip fall accident per month or just over a 93% reduction in reported slip-fall accidents. Guest satisfaction was also reported up due to the elimination of the adhesive mats within the guest bathtubs.

Safer AND Saves Money

The annual cost savings for elimination of mat maintenance and replacement within the hotel is approximately $4,500, which generated a Return on Investment (ROI) for Safe Solution of less than 18 months. Taking into account the customer satisfaction increases, reduction in “comped” rooms for customers and liability costs reductions, the ROI for the Safe Solution treatment service at the hotel was significantly under 12 months.

Reduce Liability Issues

Hotels, restaurants, and other commercial organizations face many challenges regarding slippery bathtubs, coefficient of friction of slippery floors and other unsafe surfaces. Litigation due to slip-and-fall incidents is at an all time high. In addition, internal and external pressures to maintain safety and also improve the customer experience are forcing business owners, managers and chief engineers to rethink their current safety and maintenance practices. Our Safe Solution traction enhancer helps businesses improve both safety and the customer experience all while saving money.

Improve Appearance and Customer Satisfaction

Get RID of those dingy bathtubs without re-glazing or replacing them. A dirty looking bathtub or shower is a significant factor for reported guest dissatisfaction. In addition to providing the utmost safety for your bathtubs and shower surfaces, the Safe Solution will easily “rejuvenate” old dirty surfaces and remove the “dots” on the bottom of the bathtub which appear as the result of bacteria and other contaminants attaching to the factory installed anti-slip treads. This enhances customer satisfaction and is required for most hotel room inspections as hotel designers/consultants say travelers, especially women, are concerned about the cleanliness of hotel tubs. The before and after photos above show the fast and long-lasting rejuvenation results.

Before Safe Solution®

After Safe Solution®

Clean Step™

What Is Clean Step™

Clean Step™ is an antibacterial, nontoxic, high performance, multipurpose cleaner. It is formulated to be used from the toughest commercial applications to cleaning windows. Its dilution capabilities make it a cost efficient and effective daily cleaning regimen for a myriad of industrial, commercial, and residential uses.

Clean Step™ is used for kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, walls, sinks, countertops, appliances, range hoods, sidewalks, steps, pool decks, change rooms, automotive, and more.

How Cost Effective Is It?

Using Clean Step™ simplifies your inventory and purchase processes. With the versatility of this product, it eliminates the need for numerous cleaning products, each designed for only one specialized use.

For example, depending on the dilution ratio, one 4 litre bottle of Clean Step™ can make over 40 litres of effective cleaner.

  • Light Soils – 80:1 Dilution…
  • Medium Soils – 40:1 Dilution…
  • Heavy Soils – 10:1 Dilution…
  • Heaviest Soils – 5:1 Dilution.

How Does It Work?

Clean Step™ is a water soluble cleaner and degreaser to assist in all areas of commercial and residential cleaning. This proven anti-bacterial formula is safe for the environment and user friendly. Clean Step™ is free of APE’s (Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylates).

Clean Step™ can be applied sprayed on, wiped on, brushed on, used in mop buckets, used in mechanical floor cleaning equipment, and used in pressure washers.

Cleaner Is Safer™

Clean Step™ is a low residue cleaner, unlike many other commercial cleaners that leave a residue, attracting dirt and thereby making the floor slippery.

Clean Step™ is government approved and is recognized by Slipstoppers.

Clean Step™ Uses and Dilutions

Read this detailed Info-Slip for information regarding Clean Step™ Recommended Uses and Dilutions.
Clean Step ™ Uses and Dilutions (PDF)


Don’t replace, rejuvenate!

CRS™ Specialized Tile Floor and Vinyl Deck Cleaner

For Commercial and Residential Applications:

  • CRS™ tile floor and vinyl deck cleaner system penetrates and removes years of hardened grime and soil build-up – where others can’t.
  • It revitalizes and rejuvenates extremely dirty surfaces to an almost new look.
  • It is a Specialized Cleaning System for Ceramic Tile, Porcelain Tile, Granite, Exposed Aggregate, Acrylic, Fiberglass, and Vinyl surfaces.
  • CRS™ is professionally applied.

What is CRS™

CRS™ is a two-part specialized floor rejuvenation system that combines the “Safe Solution Specialized Cleaner & Rejuvenator” and “Clean Step Multipurpose Cleaner & Degreaser” – designed for maximum and extreme cleaning.

CRS™ revitalizes and rejuvenates extremely dirty surfaces, making them look like new.

CRS™ will restore the floor surface to meet or exceed its original slip resistance.

After cleaning with CRS™ Specialized Cleaning system, in order to maintain the cleanest surface possible, we recommend using only Clean Step ™ Multipurpose Cleaner, Degreaser, & Sanitizer – an economically priced superior cleaner – sold concentrated to save you money!


Traction Restoring & Enhancing System

TRES™ is a proprietary application system, designed to restore and rejuvenate traction on all applicable Safe Solution® treated floor surfaces.


  • Restores and enhances traction for a cleaner and safer floor – long-term.
  • Dramatically reduces slip-fall accidents & costly insurance claims!
  • No need to shut down.
  • Floor is ready to use immediately after application process.
  • No covering up surface with unsightly tapes or mats.
  • No destroying tile with scoring or blasting of surface.
  • Environmentally friendly and government approved.
  • Continual reduction of Workers’ Compensation rates while maintaining compliance with safe working conditions.

TRES™ Rejuvenator”

applied annually to maintain the ultimate in slip resistance.

DIY Kits

Safe Solution® Anti Slip Treatment System

Everything needed to do treat 1 bathtub job is included in the polypak package. It takes approximately 10 minutes per bathtub.


Safe Solution® Anti-Slip Traction Restoring & Enhancing System II™ ~ TRES II™

Is an anti-slip treatment system designed to enhance the traction on surfaces such as high gloss ceramic, polished porcelain, granite tiles, and polished untreated cement.

Safe Solution® Bathtub Safety Pak™ “BSP™”

Ideal DIY anti-slip treatment for Hotels & Motels. Everything needed to treat approximately 30 bathtubs is included in this package. *(Not for use on acrylic or repainted/refinished bathtubs.)

ProCal 21™

Commercial – Institutional – Residential

ProCal 21™ is a powerful formulation for dissolving tough calcium, lime, and efflorescence deposits on tile & brick. It is vastly superior to other similar products on the market.

ProCal 21™ removes hard mineral deposit build-up from most hard mineral surfaces including Ceramic Tile surfaces, Pool Decks, Hot Tub Surrounds, Showers, Walls, etc. It is especially effective for efflorescence build-up on brick.

Pic Demo – Efflorescence Removal from Pool Deck


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